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High Park Heaven in Toronto

Toronto is described as the ‘city in a park’. This is a fairly accurate statement as you can’t walk more than a few blocks in any direction without hitting a park, parkette or grassy knoll. The greatest of all the parks is High Park. This massive 399 acre rambling forest in the city center is Toronto’s defining element and greatest asset.

Spring in High Park is simply sublime. The flowering cherry trees in early May make a dazzling display. You can amble over its rolling hills or picnic on the lawns. Children can choose from a variety of playgrounds and water fun parks in the summer. Wooded areas provide peaceful meanders and hikes while the popular dog park provides a haven for our four legged friends. The dog park is simply enormous and dogs off leash can run, swim, play, dig and romp with nothing short of wild abandon.

There are 18 different picnic spots and picnic tables dotted throughout the woods. There are a number of restaurants and snack outlets and there is always (always) an ice-cream truck.

The High Park zoo is one of High Park’s most fantastic features and plays home to buffalo, lamas, bison, deer, peacocks and other animals. Admission to the zoo is free. Grenadier Pond is a large body of water that houses a plethora of ducks, geese, swans and even a very busy beaver. Couples picnic under the willows and dads teach their sons how to fish on the river banks.

High Park is also home to extensive sports facilities. Tennis courts, baseball diamonds, soccer fields and a swimming pool where admission is free. There are extensive lawned areas where you can play games too.

As the weather gets warmer and the park explodes in a riot of spring color, we strongly suggest you dust off the old picnic basket and head out. Whether you are reading a book on a bench, running or walking, fishing or playing sports or enjoying a meal, being outside in High Park in the spring just can’t be beat.

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What are you looking for?