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How to extend your smartphone battery life

If you have a smartphone you have, no doubt, been the victim of a dead battery. As the functionality of smartphones increase, so do their battery use. No matter how smart your phone is if the battery is dead, it’s about as useful as a pet rock. There are some things you can do to mitigate the effects of increased power usage.

Data Drain

Connecting to the Internet utilizes more of your battery power than any other smartphone function. When you are not utilizing your Wi-Fi connection, turn it off. You should also turn your phone on to airplane mode when you are in a place where data connections are not possible like subways. Switching to airplane mode uses less energy than switching the phone off and back on. Only turn your phone off when you aren’t going to use it for several hours.

Backlight blues

When your screen is on bright, it does look better, but it also drains your battery faster. Opt for a dimmer screen or backlight so that your phone lasts longer.

Ringer on

When your phone vibrates, it uses more power than when the ringer is on. If you are going to be in a meeting, a movie or a classroom, think about coupling this time with a mandatory phone nap time. Since it takes power to turn your phone back on, turn it off for two hours over your downtime.

Apps off

You can multi-task, but each app that you have open is draining your battery. Try focusing on one app at a time and turn the others off. This is especially true of GPS and bluetooth, so make sure you turn those apps off when they are no longer in use.

You can save battery life by paying more attention to your own life. When you are having a meal with friends or family members, when you go on a date, when you are enjoying a nap or a bath, turn your phone off and save that battery!

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What are you looking for?