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How to find an apartment in Canada's toughest rental markets

If you’re in any of the country’s competitive rental markets (Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Fort McMurray, many others), you know the pain of finding a great place.

The most recent apartment I landed was only advertised for 25 minutes before it was rented to me – and my wife and I were the 8th (!!) people to see it. It’s a dog-eat-dog-rent-to-dog world out there, so check out this article for some tips that should give you an extra edge when finding the right place for you (not just any place).

The awesomely named Alan Henry lays out 7 quality steps that should keep you happy in your new pad, make sure you secure one to start with, and get to you your new hood before committing to anything.

I’ve outlined the steps below, but click through to the article for an extremely detailed breakdown on what to do.

  1. Do your research to find the apartments worth visiting
  2. Check out the neighborhood before scheduling a visit with the property owner
  3. Schedule your first visit with the property owner
  4. Show up to your first viewing with questions in-hand
  5. Talk to others in the community for their opinions
  6. When you’re ready to sign, go over your lease carefully
  7. Enjoy your new home

These should ensure your new place is totally livable – especially if you’re new to the area.

Henry lays out awesome sample questions, techniques for meeting people in the area and much more. Give it a read, and hit us up in the comments if you’ve got any hot tips for the Canadian market.


What are you looking for?

What are you looking for?