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How To Shop For a New Office Wardrobe Without Getting A Second Job

First of all, congrats on the new job! Whether it’s a position in a new industry, your first job out of school, or simply your first job that doesn’t have an issued uniform, it might be time to get some new work duds.

But isn’t this the catch? You just got a new job, but seemingly need to spend a lot of money to look the part.

Outlets, Sales & Second Hand

Nobody is going to know where you picked up your latest outfits, so why not go to where the deals are? Sales are great – especially when you actually need to purchase some items.

Outlet malls and second hand/consignment stores are all great places for excellent bargains. If you stick to the following pointers, you’ll easily find some great items.

Mix it, Match It

Instead of grabbing five outfits (only good for 1 week of work), maybe get three pairs of pants and 5 different shirts that can all go together. Using some neutral colors like grey, charcoal and blue will take those 5 outfits and turn it into 15 different looks.

Stick to the Basics

Unless you’re working in a boutique, hair salon, or outwardly alternative place, this isn’t the venue to be fashion-forward. Save the (expensive) runway pieces for your Saturday nights instead of your 9-5. The extra benefit of this? The basic pieces of fashion are going to save you cash and be in style for a lot longer.

Nice rule of thumb: if something looked good 30 years ago, and looks good now, it’s going to look good in 5 more years. The white dress shirt is a staple for a reason. Keep it simple and look great.

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What are you looking for?

What are you looking for?