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iPhone 5 - Hit or Hype?

Well, by now you’ve heard and seen all there is to hear and see about the iPhone 5, right? That is, everything beyond trying it for yourself, yes? If you’re an Apple freak like me, you’ve likely been waiting for this for a little while. A lot is riding on this one, mostly because it’s the first true post-Steve Jobs (RIP) product, and because it felt like it was time for something radical to happen to it.

Here’s where I admit that even though I am an Apple freak, I am still using the iPhone 4. I’d love to upgrade, but I don’t really have the scrilla to do so just yet. And while the iPhone 5 might be the leap forward on this, I’m not sure.

Why am I not sure? Well, even though I trust Apple implicitly, I have been hearing some waves of dissent from the masses, waves I haven’t heard since the 3G antenna debacle. Is this dissatisfaction all because the King has died? Are people worried about what decisions might be made in his absence? Hard to tell.

So far, I’ve heard that the new OS—which the 4 and 4S can also upgrade to—includes a Maps app inherent to Apple (they are phasing out the Google Maps, due to Google’s increased market share—ie: competition with the iPhone). And that app, I’m told, doesn’t have transit. Really, Apple? Yikes!

Another thing I heard is that the new larger size is actually hard on those with smaller hands (like the wife, for example). With other cell phone companies, you can kinda pick your poison in this regard—you can choose to have Android on a smaller phone, for example. But not with the iPhone. It’s THE iPhone, or nothing. Would it kill them to make it a choice, like the iPod?

So…I’m not lining up, just yet. I’m going to wait and see how people react. Because as fun as the new shiny toy can be, I’m going to be smart and use my cracked old grandpa phone until I get a rave review. Who’s with me?! No one? Okay.

What are you looking for?

What are you looking for?