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Just added a powerhouse to our squad

Question: ever heard of Postmedia? Okay maybe not, but you’ve probably heard of the National Post, the Financial Post, Vancouver Sun, Toronto Star, the 24hrs newspapers,, and, right?

Mogo x Postmedia


Well, these are just a few of the 200+ news media brands that Postmedia owns… and we’re really excited to let you guys know that we’ve just partnered with them to get Mogo some crazy exposure across Canada! It may be 2016, but millennials are consuming content (both digital and print) more than ever, especially if it’s good journalism. How else do you explain Postmedia still having over 12 million unique monthly online views?



Usually when companies want to advertise, they’ll buy that ad space and promote themselves—and that’s it. With Postmedia, we’re invested in each other’s success; they’re helping get Mogo’s name out there and we’re helping them get some $paper$ on their paper (and digital properties)/generate cashflow. Plus they’ll also be motivated to increase our long-term shareholder value—when our stock goes up, they’re happy and so are we.

This kind of collab is pretty rare, especially in what have always been traditional fields like finance and news media. We’re still pinching ourselves. It’s kind of crazy. What does this mean for you? Postmedia’s going to be opening the doors for even more exciting events (like the Maxim NBA All-Star party we’re throwing on Feb 12—!!!)—and when people start asking "Wait where did Mogo come from?," you'll have all the answers. So... get your MogoAccount while it’s hot.

TL; DR: Start looking for some cool ish in your morning paper.

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What are you looking for?