IT’S HERE: The MogoCard is now in beta

We’re stoked to announce that we’re now in beta1. For tech companies, this is a really exciting step in the launch of a new product. And for you, this is freakin awesome because it means that you’ll be able to get your hands on a MogoCard soon—and experience all the benefits of a ‘spending account’.

“But what does this mean for me?”

We’re taking real-time user feedback and working hard to refine and improve the MogoCard product and app details, so by the time you have a card in your hands, it’ll be a seamless, perfected experience.

The beta stage allows us make these improvements on the MogoCard and overall account experience.


“So can I get my MogoCard yet or what”

Not yet, but soon!

If you’re one of our 250,000+ MogoMembers, the card will be available to you when we’re 100% sure it’s totally awesome and ready. And, we know you’re going to love it. In fact, most of the MogoTeam is part of beta testing and the MogoCard is fast becoming a favourite addition to our wallets.


If you’re not a MogoMember yet, all you have to do is take three minutes to open a free MogoAccount. Pro-tip: The earlier you sign up, the higher on the list you’ll be to get an invite. So… do it. Like now.


Want a MogoCard? Yes you do.

1 What's "beta?"

a. The second letter of the Greek alphabet
b. A stage of a tech product’s development after the “pre-alpha” and “alpha” stages and before the final “public release” stage—at this stage:
1. The product is being refined and is in limited release
2. Users have the product in hand but are expecting minor bugs
3. These minor bugs are being fixed and resolved rapidly

What are you looking for?

What are you looking for?