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Turning bank branch culture on its head: meet Toronto's new MogoLounge

Have you seen that Peep Show on Queen Street West in Toronto? Yes, something’s been brewing behind those blacked out windows the whole time. We’ve been busy preparing for the launch of our new baby and it’s finally ready for you. Meet the MogoLounge: the first step toward ditching bank visits... and changing the way Canadians stay financially fit.

Multi-functional design

Other than the fact that we’re scheduled to launch on time (that never happens in construction), the design is something that we’re stoked about: clean lines, open space, minimalist + mid-century modern vibe. We’re a design-obsessed brand (just a little bit...) after all. Inspired by the likes of e-commerce innovators like Warby Parker who are creating cool physical brand experiences, we’ll be incorporating hangout areas in the MogoLounge for chill times with chill people. If you thought all the stuff we do online was awesome… wait 'til you check out this lounge in person.

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A space you’ll actually like being in.

With a focus on wicked in-store events, this will be a concept store/show room/party venue all in one. Thanks to Toronto-based design firm Evoke Solutions, the MogoLounge will be dressed up and edgy cool, with wood, glass, and metal used throughout.

Definitely not a bank.

Come hang out and get the full Mogo experience. No lineups or tellers, we promise. Instead, it’ll be a healthy mix of finances and fun, along with surprise events:
We designed the MogoLounge to provide an authentic and unique in-person Mogo experience. It’s a very adaptable space and we’re excited to use it for creative collaborations between Mogo and other creators in the community.
- Gary, creative director

Drop by often and say hey. <3


What are you looking for?

What are you looking for?