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The MogoLounge: FinTech's getting physical in Toronto

Last time, we told you a bit about the beautiful-striking-gorgeous design of the new MogoLounge on 797 Queen Street West in Toronto. This week, we’re going to share some of our big plans for this rad new space. Mogo HQ, if you will.

Get the 360° Mogo experience


Of course, you’ll find the usual day-to-day stuff: our Toronto team will be here to walk you through how our unique MogoMoney personal loans work and chat about how to improve your credit score—come by to get your questions answered! And of course, if you feel inspired to create your MogoAccount or want to get on the list to be first in line for the new MogoCards, you can do that here too.

Your new home for finance and fun


Not only will the new MogoLounge be your home for financial education and a lab for experimenting with and testing new user-experience ideas, it will also be a hub of art and fashion. From pop-up shows to launch parties and shows, we’ll be collaborating with cool brands and creators like Toronto’s very own Kastor & Pollux to throw Instagram-worthy events.

The New Third Place


People love hanging out at Starbucks. Not just for the coffee, but also for the vibe and a comfy chair to sit and check the latest on your Facebook and Instagram feeds. They call this the “Third Place” (in addition to home and office, the first two places).


With the Toronto MogoLounge, we want to create a new kind of Third Place: somewhere you can hang out and handle your $$ as well. That’s why we’ve incorporated features like retro bookshelves, lounge-y furniture, cool Mogo swag, and iPad stations (just in case you want to sign up for a MogoAccount ;) ). Bring your friends. Chill for a bit. Send some Snaps. Whatever floats your boat.


P.S. Keep an eye out for exclusive product lines with artists and designers that you’ll be able to cop here. We’re working on special features rotating in-store frequently, so there will always be something fresh.

Get exclusive VIP access to hot events at the MogoLounge by becoming a MogoMember!

What are you looking for?

What are you looking for?