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Most expensive province for housing? BC leads, Alberta close behind

According to Stats Canada, BC leads the pack in terms of average annual housing costs. Whether you’re buying, renting, squatting or man-serving there’s a yearly cost associated with your living.

Here’s the breakdown on a province-to-province basis, as of the 2009 study.

  1. British Columbia – $16,336
  2. Alberta – $16,153
  3. Ontario – $15,560
  4. Saskatchewan – $12,440
  5. Manitoba – $12,203
  6. Nova Scotia – $11,524
  7. Quebec – $11,316
  8. PEI – $11,107
  9. New Brunswick – $10,627
  10. Newfoundland – $9,534

With the Lower Mainland and Okanagan regions sending housing prices skyward, BC tops the chart. Not far behind (driven by relative housing shortages in Fort McMurray and Calgary), Alberta is part of the $16k/year club.

From the east coast to the west coast, there is a swing of $6,000/year on housing alone! Housing isn’t cheap, and we’re all feeling the pinch – does your spending fall in line with this, or are you one of the lucky ones with a steal-of-a-deal?

And you have to keep your toque-on, in the Yukon:

The study also showed Yukon weighing in at approx $13,897/year and the NWT at $17,848. Because of the relatively small population base and extremes in subsidy and housing range, these average numbers are a bit skewed. Nunavut came in at $12,824 annually.

Want more info on housing in Canada? Check out this interesting piece by the CBC on costs across all of these regions. It specifically covers buying, not renting, but it’s a good read.

What are you looking for?

What are you looking for?