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Photo Contest Alert

Show off your best selfie, put on your best duck face or capture that perfect moment while out with the gang. Our staff will pick the best photo and then load $200 onto the winner’s Mogo Card while one randomly drawn winner will receive $100 just for participating in our photo contest! The photo can be of you with your favourite Mogo Card or of your best Mogo Moment. You can upload up to 5 photos which means 5 entries to win! You can learn more about the contest here.


The Mogo Moment

What’s a Mogo Moment you ask? Well, take a look at the candid shots above to get an idea from past Mogo Moments. You can snap Mogo Moments while out and about with friends, during an event, while dining at a restaurant or just while enjoying the great outdoors – pretty much any moment while you’re out having fun and knowing you’re in control of your finances with Mogo.  You don’t have to showcase your Mogo Card in the photo, but it does add a ton of cool factor at the right moment.

Ready to win the Mogo Photo Contest?

Just head over to the our contest page and submit your entries.  It’s quick and easy. Meanwhile, here’s a video to show you how to take that perfect selfie to give yourself an extra edge on winning! With 2 million views, you can’t go wrong with it.


Happy Shooting!

What are you looking for?

What are you looking for?