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Savings Tips From Moms Across Canada!

Earlier this week we asked Mogo fans on Facebook a simple question! Did your Mom teach you a savings tip that you still use today? We had a overwhelming response and below are some tips:

• Rinsing out cans with a little water when adding things like canned soups to casserole dishes. We used to nickname my mother “Economical Trude” because she was always so thrifty with money.

• Always turn off the lights! Thanks Mom!

• Used newspapers to toss garbage instead of plastic bags.

• My mom taught me how to buy groceries,set meal plans and a budget . To this day I can go in with a set amount of money and always get what I need within a dollor or two of my budget.

• Window shop until you find the best price on the object of your obsession. Only then you will know that you truly want and need it.

• She taught me to not buy things I don’t need, no matter how cheap it is…and not buy and say I’ll return it if I change my mind because you often forget to do that and are stuck with the item.

• My mom taught me how to can veggies (beans, beets etc) and fruit (peaches, cherries, pears etc.). It really does save you money, especially when you have a family!

• My mom didnt have alot growing up so she learned how to cook with a low budget. She taught me these recipes. They taste great and cost very little to make.

• Putting pails outside to catch the rain. Great for watering flowers and save you on water bills.

• If you set your coffee maker the night before, the coffee tastes as good as a cup from the coffee shop – and it takes even less time to get it.

• Anything can be reused before being throwing it out, recycled or given away. Newspapers can be used to clean windows! Old towels can be cut up as wipes/cleaning rags.

• Hop thrift and garage sales. Someone else’s junk is your treasure. Often brand new things get put in a thrift store with tags on it. It’s the wrong colour or size, or taste.

• Always create a budget for each paycheck you have and pay your bills first BEFORE buying yourself things!

• Shop smart and try to make everything last longer like cutting your dryer sheets into 1/4s really works!

• My mom taught me to plan a family menu for a week and only after that make a shopping list and go shopping.

Thanks to all the Mom’s out there for teaching their great kids these savings tips! Do you have a savings tip to share with us? Leave a comment and stop the pain of over spending!


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