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4 Tips For a Cheap & Memorable Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is just around the corner – so don’t forget! This Sunday, nothing will make your mom more proud than a thoughtful gift or reminder…that doesn’t break the bank. So when this Sunday rolls around, be prepared to bring a smile to Mom’s face without making her worry ‘about all that money you must have spent!’ Four great ways to show Mom that you care: 1. Skype Date Out of town? We all now that domestic Canadian flight costs can really add up – especially if you’re just traveling for the weekend. Why not connect your living-rooms for free online? My mom lives on the other side of the country, so this Sunday we’re going to have brunch together… over the computer. I got in touch with my dad to find out what they’re having to eat, and I’ll make myself the same meal. The cost: < $10, and the payoff will be great. Mom’s appreciate the effort a lot more than the pricetag! 2. Pictures This one’s a gimmie. Print your mom a photo and put it in a frame. What mother doesn’t want more photos of their

Savings Tips From Moms Across Canada!

Earlier this week we asked Mogo fans on Facebook a simple question! Did your Mom teach you a savings tip that you still use today? We had a overwhelming response and below are some tips: • Rinsing out cans with a little water when adding things like canned soups to casserole dishes. We used to nickname my mother “Economical Trude” because she was always so thrifty with money. • Always turn off the lights! Thanks Mom! • Used newspapers to toss garbage instead of plastic bags. • My mom taught me how to buy groceries,set meal plans and a budget . To this day I can go in with a set amount of money and always get what I need within a dollor or two of my budget. • Window shop until you find the best price on the object of your obsession. Only then you will know that you truly want and need it. • She taught me to not buy things I don’t need, no matter how cheap it is…and not buy and say I’ll return it if I change my mind because you often forget to do that and are stuck with the item. • My mom taught me how to

What Savings Tip Did Your Mom Teach You? Tell Us & She Could Get a Flower Delivery On Mother's Day!

Did your Mom teach you a savings tip that you still use today? Let us know what it is by leaving a comment here. One lucky winner will get a bouquet worth $65.00 delivered right to their Mom’s house anywhere in Canada on Mother’s Day! Contest closes @ 9pm PST on May 6th and is open to Canadian residence ONLY. A winner will be randomly selected and notified by private Facebook message. The photo below is the actual bouquet your mom could get this Sunday!