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Save $100 in 10 Minutes: Add An Extra Stop To Your Grocery Shopping Trip

So we all know that the warehouse chains (Costco, Superstore, etc) can be great ways to add some value to your grocery shopping experience – buying in bulk and stocking up on items you use frequently. However, most of us believe that getting the bulk items at warehouse chains ALWAYS saves money – some quick research from the good people at Forbes magazine suggests otherwise. Here are some great tips to keep in mind the next time you need to hit the grocery stores and warehouse options. Spend an extra 10 minutes on your shopping excursion and find a way to save over $100 over the next few months in grocery shopping. Forbes did some great checking around and found that even though it feels like you’re getting a great deal on bulk items, you can often just be filling your trunk, cupboards and garage with MORE stuff, rather than less expensive items. Some items that you should avoid at Costco, and get on sale at grocery stores include: • Pop (cans and bottles) • Toilet Paper (this one was a big surprise for me) • Snack foods (chips, individually packaged items) • Office supplies (copy paper, pens) They attributed the lower prices to timely

Buy In Bulk and Save Big Bucks

Frugal shoppers have long been wise to the secret of buying in bulk. If it’s something you truly use a lot of, you can save a ton of money each year. I ran across a wonderful bulk foods site today. Ironically, it’s At Bulk Foods they offer a huge variety of products; Nuts, grains, beans, dried fruits, dried vegetables, powders, salts, yeast, spices, even organic selections. You have some variety in the prices too. You can purchase anywhere from a single pound to up to thirty pounds of their individual items. For those with a sweet tooth, Bulk Foods is going to work even better. Many of us like to make candy over the holidays and that is sadly getting more and more expensive every year. Bulk Foods carries pre-made candies in the form of mints, jellies, sours, gummies, suckers, rock candy, low carb candies, and even sugar free chocolates. If you’d rather make your own candies then don’t miss their sale on Mercken’s chocolate. This is some of the finest chocolate in the entire world, and it’s as low as $4 a pound at Bulk Foods. Since everything at Bulk