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Buy In Bulk and Save Big Bucks

Frugal shoppers have long been wise to the secret of buying in bulk. If it’s something you truly use a lot of, you can save a ton of money each year. I ran across a wonderful bulk foods site today. Ironically, it’s

At Bulk Foods they offer a huge variety of products; Nuts, grains, beans, dried fruits, dried vegetables, powders, salts, yeast, spices, even organic selections. You have some variety in the prices too. You can purchase anywhere from a single pound to up to thirty pounds of their individual items.

For those with a sweet tooth, Bulk Foods is going to work even better. Many of us like to make candy over the holidays and that is sadly getting more and more expensive every year. Bulk Foods carries pre-made candies in the form of mints, jellies, sours, gummies, suckers, rock candy, low carb candies, and even sugar free chocolates. If you’d rather make your own candies then don’t miss their sale on Mercken’s chocolate. This is some of the finest chocolate in the entire world, and it’s as low as $4 a pound at Bulk Foods.

Since everything at Bulk Foods is sold at wholesale prices you really do get a deal no matter what quantity you purchase.  One last thing though – before you start saving with bulk-buys, keep these simple tips in mind:

1)     Only buy what you will truly use – remember it’s not a deal if it sits in your pantry and goes moldy!

2)     Keep an eye on shipping costs – Shipping large amounts of weight (which can happen when you order in bulk!) is not usually cheap. Make sure that the shipping costs don’t eat up your savings. Things should still be cheaper after shipping than buying it locally, or it isn’t a deal.


What are you looking for?

What are you looking for?