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How To Save Money By Using Your Smartphone

So you’ve made the jump and use a smartphone. While they can be a little expensive (with data fees, contracts, etc), they also give you great opportunities to save money. Check out some of these apps and ideas for ways to save money, budget properly and even have a little bit of fun. Most of these apps are free, but the ones that cost a little bit are surely worth the expense. Budgeting Software If you’re like me, keeping track of your finances and spending can be tough. When I need to track all my expenses, I turn to my smartphone. I always have it on hand, and can use it quickly and easily after purchases. Apps like Mint, Billminder and Moneywise all have great budgeting functions to show you how and where you’re spending cash. Cheap Gas Try out an application like GasBuddy (iPhone, Android) to, well, find Cheap Gas. The app uses user-generated information to track gas prices in certain neighbourhoods. Simply logon to the app when you’re about ready to fill up – and it will tell you the best gas station to hit, based on prices. The app is free, and will save

3 Ways To Save $100 In 10 Minutes!

Saving money can be easier than you think. Here are three simple ways to save $100 in 10 minutes each. 1) Call your credit card companies and get your fees removed – This includes yearly fees, late fees, membership fees, application fees and over-the-limit fees. Every company should remove at least one fee if you ask, and many will remove up to a year’s worth of fees. Especially if you are carrying a balance on the card. Ask politely, or ask for a manager and you will be surprised at the results you get. 2) Call your cell phone company and re-negotiate your contract – Remove any nonessential features that you are being charged for, and flat-out ask how you can lower your bill. This should save you far more than $100 in a year’s time. If they don’t want to work with you, just threaten to transfer your service to someone else. 3) Make a two week grocery list – Taking the time to plan your shopping trip will eliminate all of those extra little trips to the store. You know what I mean – the ones where you forgot an ingredient or worse yet, ran out of something you