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3 Ways To Save $100 In 10 Minutes!

Saving money can be easier than you think. Here are three simple ways to save $100 in 10 minutes each.

1) Call your credit card companies and get your fees removed – This includes yearly fees, late fees, membership fees, application fees and over-the-limit fees. Every company should remove at least one fee if you ask, and many will remove up to a year’s worth of fees. Especially if you are carrying a balance on the card. Ask politely, or ask for a manager and you will be surprised at the results you get.

2) Call your cell phone company and re-negotiate your contract – Remove any nonessential features that you are being charged for, and flat-out ask how you can lower your bill. This should save you far more than $100 in a year’s time. If they don’t want to work with you, just threaten to transfer your service to someone else.

3) Make a two week grocery list – Taking the time to plan your shopping trip will eliminate all of those extra little trips to the store. You know what I mean – the ones where you forgot an ingredient or worse yet, ran out of something you thought you already had. You meals will taste better because you won’t be making substitutions, and you will always have the things you need on hand to cook. Having what you need at your fingertips means no more unplanned dining out; this could easily save $100 a month or more for some families. If you shop with the list you made and stick to it, you won’t have nearly as many impulse items jumping into your cart either! This alone could save an additional $100 a month.

All in all you can save a lot of money in very little time by using these easy savings tips!


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