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Give it Away, Give it Away Now: How to choose a Christmas charity

A few years back, my family and I got tired of the usual Yuletide* game: spending tonnes of bucks on stuff that your sister/mother/brother-in-law/grandma/dog might not even like but felt obligated to fuss over. Instead, we started to get creative. For my stepmom, for example, my sister and I bought a goat. No, not an actual goat (though that might help with some of the Christmas cleanup) but rather a goat that went to a family in Africa. It’s a program through Oxfam, and it’s a great way to see a charitable donation practically applied. Plus, we were safe in the knowledge that our money might actually make a difference, as opposed to just giving us a bunch of stuff we didn’t need. Serious business, I know. But charity is important, so it should be taken seriously. And, having worked for a few charities in my time, I know that you need to do your homework. If you and your family want to donate money (or otherwise) this Christmas, great! My family loves it, and it’s fast becoming a tradition. But be careful to read up on your charity of choice and

Mogo Hits $30,000 Kiva Donation Milestone

Since the end of 2008 we’ve given $1 to Kiva for every new customer to help entrepreneurs in the developing world lift themselves from poverty. We’re very excited to announce that we’ve crossed the $30,000 donation mark and will continue to give $1 to Kiva for every new customer. Click here to meet some of  the over 700 entrepreneurs we’ve have helped! Thank you to all our customers for choosing Mogo and making a difference. What is Kiva? Kiva is the world’s first non-profit, person-to-person micro-lending website.They help individuals in the Third World start their own businesses by loaning them money. So when you borrow money from Mogo, you’re empowering someone to start a new life. Kiva gives loans that change lives. And so do we, because we’re committed to giving people everywhere the innovative financial solutions they need to live better lives.