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Tim Hortons introduces their newest cup size, and it's huge

Well, Tim Hortons is bringing out the big guns. Yesterday, via their official site [], Timmy Ho’s announced that their previous double-double holders weren’t big enough, so they introduced a new version of the extra large – and it’s definitely living up to the name. It’s a 24oz steaming hot beverage – and for those of you keeping track at home – that’s bigger than the Venti (20oz) from Starbucks. Here’s what the PR rep from Timmy’s had to

Use Cuppow to turn any canning jar into a travel mug

Ok – so maybe I’m just thirsty lately, but I have been spotting some really great beverage-consuming products [] out there. This week, the Cuppow (kapow!). It’s an insert that you can fasten to nearly any canning jar to turn it into a to-go coffee cup. This is awesome for me, because I forget about 1inch of coffee in my mug over the weekend… nearly every week. The glass jars are easy to clean, and this is a pretty cool look,

Kick One Habit and Take A Vacation Instead!

Habits can be budget-killers. It’s a lot more fun to go have a drink, a smoke, a latte, or a dinner out than it is to worry about how much it is costing you to do those things each month. It’s really human nature. Who wants to feel deprived, or like a slave to their budget? Who wants to go without the things they enjoy just to save some money? Well, the trick is to not go without. Don’t give anything up. Just decide whether or not the habit is worth the money. If the habit is worth it to you, k

10 Reasons Why People Skimp On Anything But Coffee…

Coffee is the one of the greatest conversation starters. It crosses everyone’s path at some point during the day. You may know or even be that someone who has to drink a certain brand of coffee. The statistics prove that coffee is the most popular drink on Planet Earth. It is also the most popular drink in Canada. The average person drinks 3 cups per day, stands in line for 45 hours per year and spends an average of $164.71 on coffee per year.  Here are 10 reasons why people skimp on anything bu