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10 Reasons Why People Skimp On Anything But Coffee…

Coffee is the one of the greatest conversation starters. It crosses everyone’s path at some point during the day. You may know or even be that someone who has to drink a certain brand of coffee. The statistics prove that coffee is the most popular drink on Planet Earth. It is also the most popular drink in Canada. The average person drinks 3 cups per day, stands in line for 45 hours per year and spends an average of $164.71 on coffee per year.  Here are 10 reasons why people skimp on anything but coffee.

1.            Give me my coffee: We all live such fast paced; jam packed lives that we are in need of coffee to fuel our busy lifestyles. That caffeine gives you the jolt to stay alert.  You can choose between coming in the coffee house, fixing coffee at your house and getting your coffee to go. You can get a coffee on almost every corner from a restaurant or coffee shop. Most people have them at the office and at home.

2.            It is a community: There are about 14 million Canadians that drink coffee everyday. This size of community makes coffee houses the perfect networking location.  Networking is a means to a new job, friend, or social path. I haven’t been in one where somebody didn’t see a familiar face. In fact the average person spends 45 hours in line per year.  You might not have time to sit down for a huge meal to catch up but everyone has time for a cup of coffee.

3.            Keeping up with the Jones: Drinking that perfectly labeled coffee is one way that you can keep up with the Jones. It is cheap enough to still keep your same coffee routine.

4.            Fashion Statement: Everyone notices cups from major players like Starbucks, Seattle’s Best and Second Cup. You will notice all kinds of changes to coffee cups.  They come in different colors, themes, or allow you to show off your own design.  Companies use them as promotional items for marketing campaigns. Carrying your own cup or reusable coffee sleeve allows you to make a fashion statement while saving the environment.

5.            Aroma: I don’t know what it is but the smell or taste just isn’t the same out of that to- go mug from your house.  It doesn’t matter if it came from the special coffee shop. I have heard that just the simple smell of coffee is a stress reliever.  I would only not agree but have noticed that one of the most popular scents for home fragrances is coffee.

6.            Smiling Faces: You might just need that extra burst of energy from that drive through lady after dropping off the kids but before seeing co-workers.  You will always get a smile for bringing your neighbor or co-workers a cup of coffee. Dessert and coffee is a combination that will never be turned down and will always put a smile on your face.

7.            Great Environment: These coffee shops offer positive atmospheres. You can sip on your favorite cup of coffee in a comfy couch, listen to great music, and read updated newspapers or log on to your laptop with free Wi-Fi. In the winter most of them even have a fire place.  More people work remotely which means they work in this positive environment.  They need those smiling faces, that network or that Aroma. At nights you might even hear some local poetry or live music.

8.            Time to Reflect: Coffee moments can be your time. It is a time to reflect, read or study. Coffee shops are usually open from early morning to night.  The evenings are a great place to hear live music or poetry.  In a drive through window the other day I noticed at that they were offering happy hour specials. You look forward to that coffee break during your day to get focused again.

9.            Healthy: I believe that people think that the food and drinks are healthier at a coffee shop then the local fast food chain. This could or could not be true depending on what they buy. It most certainly was true before fast food began serving fruit. Although I am not sure of these sources I have read that 3 or more cups have been seen to reduce the risk of Ovarian Cancer by 20% and unroasted coffee helped with weight loss.

10.            Gifts: They usually have cool ready to go gifts behind the check out.  They offer to go sets, specialty coffee, cards and CDs Being that we are all so busy it is just fantastic that coffee shops are becoming a one stop shop.  Many places have the coffee shops located in the book stores.

What reason do you have for not skipping on coffee? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

A Mogo Original By: Courtney Hamlett


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