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4 Crazy Ways to Stop Credit Card Debt Before it Starts

Credit Card Problems? We’ve all been there – trust me. But here are some (possibly insane) ways to stop the pain of credit card over-spending. Credit cards can be easy to get, and that’s part of the problem. Cash (that you don’t actually have) is easy to access and spend, which can cause a mountain of debt to deal with. When this happens, it’s time to sort out your credit card habits. Here are some ways to stop the over-spending pain before it even starts. While all of them might not be for yo

$2000 In Cash Prizes & $1 Donated To Food Banks Canada For Each Entry

The Dollars for Debt contest [] is back and it’s bigger and better than ever! There are $2000 in cash prizes to be won and $1 will be donated to Food Banks Canada for every person that enters and publishes the contest to their Facebook wall. We have a tool that lets you do this in 10 seconds! ENTER NOW [] to win money towards paying your bills! Con

How I Lowered My Credit Card Rate & Saved $100s!

To kick off our “Save $100 in 10 Minutes” section, here is a 10-minute tip that could actually save you hundreds of dollars over the year. Your Credit Card Like everyone, I’ve got credit cards and sometimes run my bill higher than I’d like (even as a money blogger!). That’s a normal part of your financial life. Spending is easy – especially with credit. To keep your spending and credit card habits in check, there are a ton of budgeting tips and financial techniques, but have you thought about

Canadians on the Brink of Debt Spiral

A warning from those that know – Canadians are carrying way too much debt. That’s the finding from a new survey by the Certified General Accountants Association. The CGA says 84 per cent of Canadians carry debt – 14 per cent say it’s increasing too fast and a full quarter of us aren’t saving any money, even for retirement. If it continues on the current pace it will only put more downward pressure on the economy. It’s all too easy to use that plastic to pay day-to-day living expenses. Years of