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4 Crazy Ways to Stop Credit Card Debt Before it Starts

Credit Card Problems? We’ve all been there – trust me. But here are some (possibly insane) ways to stop the pain of credit card over-spending.

Credit cards can be easy to get, and that’s part of the problem. Cash (that you don’t actually have) is easy to access and spend, which can cause a mountain of debt to deal with. When this happens, it’s time to sort out your credit card habits. Here are some ways to stop the over-spending pain before it even starts.

While all of them might not be for you, you might find an overall theme that we’re trying to get across…

The Tips!

1. Cut’em Up!

That’s right! Ditch the card entirely. If you can’t trust yourself to spend responsibly, then you’re better off using the scissors than using the POS. If you’ve got a few cards, but only need one… trim down the fat.

2. Leave them at home

You might not be able to go through with #1, but Tip #2 is well within reason. Heading out to the mall to pick yourself up a new shirt? Only take the cash that you have budgeted for the trip! That way, those tempting sales won’t even stand a chance.

3. Leave a Note

I’ve used this one, and it works well. All you need is a marker and a post-it note. Leave yourself a note like ‘remember, you’re trying to pay of $755 in CC Debt. Sincerely YOUR NAME’ right on the card. If that doesn’t stop excess spending, I’m not sure what else will.

4. Reduce’em

Drop your limit! Just because you have access to a certain amount of cash doesn’t mean that you should have access to that much cash. If a $500 limit is much more reasonable than a $5000 limit you have available, then drop it down. Calling the bank will take care of this right away.

As you can see, we’re trying to tell you to leave the cards be if you can’t trust yourself 100% of the time. Sure, credit cards are useful, but they can also be dangerous. Drop the temptation and feel the savings!

Any other tips you’ve got for us? Hit the comments and let us know!

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What are you looking for?