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Grab life by the fun money

Fun money is the best money. It’s the money that gets you onto the ski hill with friends, up close at your favorite concert or on a beach in the dead of winter. We’ve been sharing ideas about how happiness comes from experiences, not material items, and research shows that the more you focus away from money, the happier you’ll be. If you can avoid the sudden urges to purchase material items, you’ll be able to save your hard earned dough for fun experiences and be happier. [![Mike Tyson didn't really need 3 Royal Bengal Tigers. Now he's happy spending time with his family.](/content/images/2015/04/tumblr_m6kzw5xa3a1r8ppdzo1_400.jpg)](/content/images/2015/04/tumblr_m6kzw5xa3a1r8ppdzo1_400.jpg)Mike Tyson didn’t really need 3 Royal Bengal Tigers. Now he’s happy spending time with his family.   But sometimes, there’s no money left after all the bills are paid. Money has this unique ability to vanish – literally. So, it’s important to keep your fun money separated from your bank account. Everyone loves knowing they have a little spending money set aside, which is why many of our cardholders are using their Mogo

New Credit Card Rules Introduced

Federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty announced new credit card regulations Thursday. The changes will require financial institutions to provide better disclosure about interest rates. The government wants credit card companies to provide timely advance notice of changes to rates and fees. However, the finance minister has ruled out tougher measures such as placing a hard ceiling on interest rates. It comes a day after the U.S. Congress wrapped up legislation restricting when and how a credit card company can raise an individual’s interest rate, who can receive a card and how much time people are given to pay their bills. U.S. President Barack Obama is expected to sign it into law on Friday. Source: CBC Remember to get off the plastic with Mogo. We provide small loans with short terms. That means less debt!