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Save Money On Eating Out – By Going To 2 Restaurants

Double the places you go… to save money? This concept works; trust me. Last weekend my brother-in-law recommended a fantastic restaurant to check out. It was Italian and had great reviews – we had to go. Before I took the Mrs. out, I went online to check out the menu (and pricing). I wanted to see how much to budget for this special meal and get an idea of what was on offer at this highly-hyped place. Looking through the menu, I realized that while the gourmet food was reasonably priced at ab

How Much Do Your Money Habits Cost You?

Everybody has habits, right? There are good habits, and bad habits, and everything in between. The question of the day is: How much do your habits cost you? Nah, I don’t want you to quit everything to save money – that’s not what this article is about. Instead, just ask yourself what your habits (good and bad) are and how much they run you each month. For example: I’m a coffee fanatic. I stopped getting lattes a long time ago because I was spending over $30 a week on them, not counting gas. I d

Top 7 Ways to Eat Out for Less

Eating out can be a real treat, but often the resulting bill is anything but. Here are seven simple strategies to cut your bill, so that you can enjoy your restaurant meal without the side of guilt: 1. Share a Meal Restaurant portions are often huge, so consider splitting a dish with someone else. If you ask, many establishments will even divide your order onto two plates before bringing it out to you. The unexpected bonus for your frugal efforts? Fewer calories and fat grams hitting your waist