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Stay in this Valentine’s Day – Keep it Special and Save Some Cash

Valentine’s Day in 2011 is on a Monday, so a lot of us won’t exactly be rushing out to hit the town, stay out late and be a mess Tuesday morning. To combat the post-Valentine fatigue you could move the ‘holiday’… or you could just take it easy. Staying in on a pretty traditional night out doesn’t need to be a cop out. Borrow some of these tips to have a great holiday on a budget. Cook Something New Nothing says ‘great date’ like a great meal, so you’re going to have to pull out the big guns (but that doesn’t mean you need to empty your wallet). This Valentine’s Day, challenge yourself to make something new to make your way even further into your honeybear’s heart. Check out those cookbooks that are gathering dust in your cupboard, or a great site like for something that isn’t run-of-the-mill. You want to be sure it’s special… but not impossible. You’re not going to impress your date with a burned pile, or undercooked meat. Set the Mood Download some new music and grab a few candles from a dollar store.

5 Romantic Ideas That Don’t Cost Anything!

Romance can be expensive, there’s no denying it. Dinner, movies, gifts, the cost adds up. Then again, when you don’t make the effort, your relationship suffers, no? Here are five totally free ways to spice up your relationship. Your sweetie will thank you! 1)     Massages – Chances are you have some oil lying around the house, but even if you don’t a massage is a sure-fire romance enhancer. Set aside some time to be alone together with your love, and give them the royal treatment. If you don’t know how to give a massage, you can pick up some tips here. 2)    ** Take over the chores** – Ok so this one might not seem romantic at first glance, but trust me, it’s one of the kindest, best things you can do for your loved one. If your sweetie usually takes out the trash, washes the dishes or cleans the bathrooms, try picking up the slack for just one day. Then, grab one of your favorite movies and suggest that since the chores are done you spend some time together. Or just cuddle up in bed and go from there. 3)     **Write a letter **– Taking the time to