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5 Romantic Ideas That Don’t Cost Anything!

Romance can be expensive, there’s no denying it. Dinner, movies, gifts, the cost adds up. Then again, when you don’t make the effort, your relationship suffers, no? Here are five totally free ways to spice up your relationship. Your sweetie will thank you!

1)     Massages – Chances are you have some oil lying around the house, but even if you don’t a massage is a sure-fire romance enhancer. Set aside some time to be alone together with your love, and give them the royal treatment. If you don’t know how to give a massage, you can pick up some tips here.

2)    ** Take over the chores** – Ok so this one might not seem romantic at first glance, but trust me, it’s one of the kindest, best things you can do for your loved one. If your sweetie usually takes out the trash, washes the dishes or cleans the bathrooms, try picking up the slack for just one day. Then, grab one of your favorite movies and suggest that since the chores are done you spend some time together. Or just cuddle up in bed and go from there.

3)     **Write a letter **– Taking the time to sit down and write a short letter to your loved one will pay off in spades. If you aren’t a pen and paper kind of person, an email works just as well. Tell them how much they mean to you, and why you are glad you are with them. It only takes a few moments but it will set the entire tone for the day. Do it often enough and it will really boost your relationship.

4)     A Phone Call – A quick phone call in the middle of the day can make you both smile. Especially if you don’t usually do it. Better yet, call and sing a silly love song.

5)     Your undivided attention – There is nothing, nothing more important, or more romantic than giving your loved one your undivided attention. Everyone is busy and we all have a million things on our minds. Your partner will notice that attention and they will respond to it. The more often you do it, the better your relationship will be.

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What are you looking for?