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One Simple Trick to Manage Your Holiday Debt

New Year’s resolutions should be about fun stuff, not your debt In our corner of the fintech world, January 1st is an important day. Why? (Yes, it’s New Years Day, but that’s not it.) Because on January 1st, once ye olde hangover has dissipated, people realize that it’s time to face the music. And by music, we mean debt. On January 1st, the holidays are officially over, and it’s time to reckon with our wily pre-Christmas spending habits. This shift in attitude is measurable: last year, the inc

Going “Commando” with Taby

We are so excited to launch the “Commando”, our newestMogo Prepaid Visa Card []! Sometimes in life, “too many” is not a good thing. Too many cronuts, unopened bills, tequila shots, and plastic cards stuffed in your wallet never did you any good.  But we can say NO to too many and YES to simplicity. Take your spending back to basics and go “Commando” with the first Matte Finish Mogo Prepaid Visa Card [

The government is now forcing banks to offer no fee options but only for some….

Even the government has noticed there’s a problem with all the bank fees and has now mandated that all big banks offer a no-fee option, but only for consumers they see as “vulnerable” such as students, senior citizens and low-income Canadians.  Although this is a good start, there’s still a long way to go.  What’s more, the no fee option only includes up to 12 free debit transactions, which easily adds up quickly if you are active in using your card. Considering the average Canadian has recor

Come Celebrate Italian Day in Vancouver with Mogo (and FREE pizza)!

On June 8th, we’ll be celebrating Italian Day 2014 [] by hooking up Mogo Prepaid Visa Card holders [] with a FREE slice of wood fired pizza from the hippest pizza truck around, Community Pizzeria. [] We wouldn’t dare leave you thirsty, so we’ll also provide Mogo water – gratis, of course! All you have to do is flash your Mogo Card [

Artist Series: Q+A with Mike Joyce, Graphic Designer and Creator of Swissted

We’re big fans of excellent design here at Mogo and have been working closely with a group of talented designers to bring you over 30 Mogo Card designs. In this blog series, we’ll profile some of the designers we’ve been working with, his or her latest project and showcase the limited edition Mogo Card design(s) created exclusively for the Mogo community. The Mogo Card Artist Series This spring, we’re thrilled to release the Mogo Card Artist Series with the first cards by world renowned artist