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Going “Commando” with Taby

We are so excited to launch the “Commando”, our newest  Mogo Prepaid Visa Card!

Sometimes in life, “too many” is not a good thing. Too many cronuts, unopened bills, tequila shots, and plastic cards stuffed in your wallet never did you any good.  But we can say NO to too many and YES to simplicity. Take your spending back to basics and go “Commando” with the first Matte Finish Mogo Prepaid Visa Card!


Mogo got together with local Vancouver model Taby Cheng who tried “Commando” on for size.


How would you describe your personal style?

My personal style is a mix of different trends. I love mixing trends like mens wear and sports wear with feminine pieces. I think my wardrobe consists of only 4 colours – black, navy, grey, and beige.


What’s your best fashion tip for looking good without breaking the bank?

My best fashion tips would be to attempt thrift store shopping. Some of my favourite items to wear have been from the thrift store in spots that you wouldn’t normally look like the mens or kids section. You can find a lot of old school sports shorts or sweaters from big brands like nike or Calvin Klein


What do you do for fun in Vancouver?

I try to go to new cafe shops or restaurants. I also attempt to take advantage of the beautiful weather Vancouver has in the summer by going to the beach or going on hikes.


What’s your favourite cheap eats spot in Vancouver?

My favourite type of food is Asian food so cheap eats in Vancouver would be going to more authentic Asian restaurants that you find in Chinatown, Richmond or Kingsway. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but if you are a fan of Asian food make sure to try and find those hidden gems.


Thoughts on your experience using the Mogo Prepaid Visa Commando card?

The Mogo Prepaid Visa Card is a good way to keep your budget under control, and it’s like an additional accessory to have with the unique pattern.


Mogo’s philosophy on life is to “Do more, Spend less”. How would YOU “Do more, Spend less”?

Life is all about having balance and moderation. I try to spend on things I only need, but sometimes I treat myself to things like a nice dress or going out to that new restaurant because if you’re not enjoying yourself – well that sucks. Life is all about the experiences you create for yourself.

Our new “Commando” Prepaid Visa Card is available on our site. Check it out here and sign up for an invite.


What are you looking for?

What are you looking for?