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You say Dodgeball, we say… Mogo My Balls?

If you’re a Ben Stiller fan, you’ve no doubt seen the movie Dodgeball. Well, it’s happening in real life. For the 3rd year in a row, a particularly fierce group of Mogo team members (brought together under the name “Mogo My Balls”) will be playing in a charity dodgeball tournament. The Tournament Goal: To raise $10,000 for Imagine1Day – a charity dedicated to providing education for children in Ethiopia. 100% of the tournament profits will help Imagine1Day to build a well and provide Ethiopian schoolchildren with clean drinking water. The first year, we took the title. Last year, Lululemon knocked us out in the finals. This year, we’re hungrier than ever for that trophy. If you love Dodgeball, Ben Stiller, or are looking for a great way to make a difference (and get a tax receipt!), click here to help Mogo and Imagine1Day reach their goal (just select “Mogo My Balls”): Every little dollar counts!

Mogo My Balls Wins For A Great Cause!

Last night we (AKA Mogo My Balls) won the MOI Annual Charity Dodgeball Tournament in dramatic style by beating Lululemon in a sudden death tiebreaker game! We raised $300 for imagine1day, a nonprofit organization that provides an opportunity for donors to be directly connected to projects that provide primary education for all children in Ethiopia, Africa. Click here to learn more and to donate! We’ll begin training again in a few weeks to further perfect our DUCK, DIP, DIVE AND DODGE techniques to defend our championship status next year!