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Holiday Hosting: Thanksgiving Edition!

Whether your in-laws are dying to spend the holidays with you or you’re the first of your friends to buy a house that isn’t the size of a prison cell, you’re bound to play Thanksgiving host at some point. We’re not talking about inviting a few friends over for an intimate dinner in your backyard, either. We’re talking long-haul guests that set up camp in your living room, invading your life while you resist the urge to make up some pumpkin-spice related allergy that requires immediate medical a

The Ultimate Thanksgiving Leftover Plan

I plan Thanksgiving dinner around the leftovers. As I mentioned before, I’m really doing my best to not ruin Thanksgiving this year []. Whether it’s a success or not, will probably come down to how much wine we have at the table. Realistically, it should just be an easy dinner with my folks and wife – what I’m really concerned about is the post-Thanksgiving leftovers. I doubt I’m alone here, but I prefer the leftovers-exp

How To Make Thanksgiving Dinner On A Budget

Cooking for a group is a great part of the holidays. Whether it’s family, friends or in-laws (and yes, that can be three different groups), preparing a holiday meal is a really satisfying feeling – but it definitely doesn’t need to be expensive. Grab a notepad and apron, and lets get in touch with your inner-Martha. It’s time to plan now for a Thanksgiving dinner later. We’ve talked about this before, but a little planning goes a long way when you’re doing anything that involves money. Setting