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The Ultimate Thanksgiving Leftover Plan

I plan Thanksgiving dinner around the leftovers. As I mentioned before, I’m really doing my best to not ruin Thanksgiving this year. Whether it’s a success or not, will probably come down to how much wine we have at the table. Realistically, it should just be an easy dinner with my folks and wife – what I’m really concerned about is the post-Thanksgiving leftovers.

I doubt I’m alone here, but I prefer the leftovers-experience to the actual sit down dinner. I’m the same with cold-pizza. Since I’m in charge of the meal, that means I’m leader of the leftovers. Here’s the attack plan I’ve got setup to make the most out of the week long feast I’m planning*.

Sandwich central

When I’m carving the turkey, I lay out three different piles: light meat for the table, dark meat for the table and light/dark meat for sandwiches. With a big enough bird you can have choice meat for your late night snacking and week-after-Thanksgiving sandwiches laid out with proper meat proportions. You don’t want to be stuck on Tuesday at noon with white meat only. Don’t let it hit the table and you’ll be set with the ratio of light-to-dark you need.

Keep the carcass!

After the bird has been carved, you’re left with total annihilation on the cutting board – but don’t throw this to the dog or the garbage. Those bones are what you need for stock – which is what your grandma would use the make a killer stew. Bag the bones, call your g-ma for a recipe, and baby, you’ve got a stew goin’**.

Easy lunches

****As you’re cleaning up from the big meal, resist the urge to thrown plastic wrap over the dishes and pass out on the couch in your sweatpants. Take the extra minute to portion out some mini dinners into Tupperware. I know this is super boring, but it’ll save you the work later.

Now – all I need to do is get through the weekend, then the leftovers can start! Next month, turkey-free diets. Happy Thanksgiving!

*I might be over-thinking this… probably not.

What are you looking for?

What are you looking for?