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How to travel on a budget: 8 tips for students

Thinking of taking a trip for Reading Week aka. Spring Break? Don’t plan to blow the last three months’ paycheques on it because you’re a responsible adult and stuff? (If so, we’ve taught you well, young Padawan.) Check out these 8 ways to save your wallet from unnecessary pain while you’re abroad. ![](/content/images/2016/02/mogo_boofortravel-2.jpg) 1. Book in advance. One of the most important things you can do to save money can actually be done way before you leave on your trip: book your stuff in advance! Accommodations and plane tickets (any tickets, really) are generally cheaper if you can buy them months before your trip, and if you plan to go to a tourist hotspot, you’ll probably want to get tickets to tourist sights before they sell out. ![](/content/images/2016/02/mogo_highonlifeco_tent.jpg) 2. Don’t stay in a hotel. Seriously. Stay in a B&B or hostel instead. You’ll save so much $$, meet more people, have better conversations, and definitely get a better feel for the local scene. If you’re antsy about staying at a hostel, it’s not that scary—there are so

Alexa Suter’s Guide to Tech Travel

**Alexa Suter**Today Mogo got together with Alexa – an international traveler and writer who’s fuelled her globetrotting adventures with her freelance gigs – to talk about new-age travel. A Vancouver local who’s spent the majority of the last year traveling and visiting over 10 new countries, we wanted to get Alexa’s perspective when it comes to the growing concept of tech travel. OUR INTERVIEW WITH ALEXA **Can you divulge some juicy details about your most recent travel endeavors?**I can, but I’d need about a week – so I’ll divulge the short version! Over the past year, with the ability to write on a remote basis, I traveled about nine months and visited 13 countries. I kicked off the year with a relaxed solo trip to Florida and the Bahamas. I lived for two months in London, and enjoyed another four months of long-term European travel. The bigger cities I’ve visited include Paris, Rome, Barcelona, Zurich, Vienna and Milan, while the more modest ones were just as (if not more!) incredible: Prague, Bratislava, Monaco, Florence, and Lucerne were amongst my favourites. About 7 of the 9 months of travel were done solo, so I found myself

Savvy shopping for Canadians in New York City

Mogo blogger Jill Duke is about to outline some great shopping tips for The Big Apple. See how she spends and shops (and maybe saves?) her way through New York City as a Canadian on the move. Ahhh. Yes, Mogoers, ahhh. That’s the sound of your intrepid blogger on vacation. For the last few weeks, I’ve been hanging with friends, sipping wines, seeing Broadway shows, and spending money—somewhat wisely—in the best city on earth, New York. I’ve been thoroughly enjoying some much needed time off, but as I’ve been gallivanting around the city I’ve come to realize something. If I’m not careful, I could end up spending every penny to my name shopping. I’m not even a super shopper, nor am I buying expensive stuff. It’s just that the city has so much to offer that I find myself shopping more than I normally would on a daily basis. So, in an effort not to break my piggy bank in half, I’ve come up with a “shopping system” to get the best value for my money while hanging out in this city I love so much. On careful consideration,