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Best Online Helpers For Cool Summer Travel Savings

We’ve talked about hitting the road this summer, and here are some helpful sites, apps and products that are fun to use – and can save you a few bucks along the way. Leverage the power of the internet, and it’s community of savers, to find out the best places to buy, fill up, visit or snap shots. Have a tip that isn’t on our list? Hit us up on Facebook or Twitter to share with our followers. Onto the list! We all know that gas prices are flying through the roof, and this helpful site is great for when you’re on the road and don’t know the area. BillShrink tells you the cheapest gas stations available that are within a certain area. Whether you’re filling up on Day 3 of a week-long road trip, or on the commute, BillShrink is a good bet to crowd-source the best gas prices. (This site is also great for TV, Wireless, Credit Cards and more – Check it out!) Tired of the same Trip Advisor and Google recommended travel tips? Check out Gogobot. It looks into social media to find the most current recommendations for

How Spending $17.95 Can Save You Over $300,000

I’ve got an upcoming trip down to the US next week and I will definitely be spending a little now to save on a potential mountain of debt later. I’m talking about travel insurance. If you don’t get it, you’re begging for trouble. It’s the kind of expense that you hope is wasted – ie: never even used or remembered on the trip. Think of it like buying an umbrella – and it’ll keep your savings and future dry. The difference between health care in Canada and the States is massive – and I’m sure you’ve heard horror stories about travelers getting stuck with $5000 ambulance rides, $20,000 hospital visits or even $300,000+ in surgeries and extended care – those things can happen, even if you’re just crossing the line to do some outlet shopping. Where Can I Get It? Before my trip, I walked into a small insurance agency and took about 10 minutes to find a plan that covered the amount of time I was gone and had decent coverage. Overall, it took almost none of my time and cost me $17. A quick Google search will show you insurance shops

Kick One Habit and Take A Vacation Instead!

Habits can be budget-killers. It’s a lot more fun to go have a drink, a smoke, a latte, or a dinner out than it is to worry about how much it is costing you to do those things each month. It’s really human nature. Who wants to feel deprived, or like a slave to their budget? Who wants to go without the things they enjoy just to save some money? Well, the trick is to not go without. Don’t give anything up. Just decide whether or not the habit is worth the money. If the habit is worth it to you, keep it. If it isn’t, ditch it and give yourself some motivation. Kick that habit and take a vacation instead! Let’s take a look at a few habits, how much they cost most people, and whether or not you really could take a vacation if you wanted to. Smoking – Let’s say you spend an average of $60 a carton, and smoke three cartons a month. That’s $180 a month, or $2160 a year. If more than one person in the household smokes the same amount, you’re looking at $4320 per year.

Stay-Cations: The Secret to Cutting Vacation Costs at Home

Summer is here and Canada is heating up from coast to coast. The kids are out of school and office/work life seems to generally move at a slower pace. The draw to get away from it all is high – but vacations can be pretty pricey. With a steady string of long weekends coming up through the summer, you can capitalize on your time away from work by staying close to home. Stay-cations – not just a buzzword anymore. By taking a vacation in your own city (or close by) you maximize your free time, cut costs dramatically and often get to try out activities you’ve been meaning to do. Less Stress Everyone hates traffic – and we all know that our highways, ferries and airports are slammed during long weekends and summer months. What if you could take a trip without expensive airfare, tolls or accommodation fees? Did I mention that you’re already at your destination? See, this stay-cation thing is getting better and better. Be Sure Treat it Like a Vacation This is your time off – sure you want to have a break, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. Plan activities you usually don’