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Stay-Cations: The Secret to Cutting Vacation Costs at Home

Summer is here and Canada is heating up from coast to coast. The kids are out of school and office/work life seems to generally move at a slower pace. The draw to get away from it all is high – but vacations can be pretty pricey.

With a steady string of long weekends coming up through the summer, you can capitalize on your time away from work by staying close to home.

Stay-cations – not just a buzzword anymore. By taking a vacation in your own city (or close by) you maximize your free time, cut costs dramatically and often get to try out activities you’ve been meaning to do.

Less Stress

Everyone hates traffic – and we all know that our highways, ferries and airports are slammed during long weekends and summer months. What if you could take a trip without expensive airfare, tolls or accommodation fees? Did I mention that you’re already at your destination? See, this stay-cation thing is getting better and better.

Be Sure Treat it Like a Vacation

This is your time off – sure you want to have a break, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. Plan activities you usually don’t have the time to do and be sure to get away from your regular style of life. Your location might not change, but be sure your mindset does.

This is where some of that great budgeting you’ve done can pay off. Have a nice meal, go to a local event and really kick back.

Get Back to Nature

Our country is full of space and Canada is meant to be experienced outside. Best of all, our Provincial Parks offer free day camping and amazing sites. There is nothing better than a refreshing dip in a lake, a riverside hike or seeing what our country has to offer – especially when it’s free.


What are you looking for?

What are you looking for?