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CONTEST: Let us send Cookies from Cupid to your sweetheart!

As resident blogger, Alan, mentioned in his post earlier today [] – Valentine’s day is just around the corner. So… Mogo wants to help you look like a total hero! The winner of our Cookies from Cupid [] contest will choose the lucky person they want to receive a basket of 3 dozen assorted cookies (including a heart-shaped one) from []. And, if you choose yourself, we w

Valentine's Day Contest: DATE NIGHT Winner

We asked  Canadians “What is the most romantic thing somebody has done for you?” for a chance to win a $75 DATE NIGHT to The Keg. Congrats to our winner Amira A.!Here’s just a few of the nearly 200 responses that caught our eye: • “My 8 yr old little girl made me a homemade card and used her piggy bank money to treat me to mcdonalds..its was very special for me.” – Kim S. • “The most romantic thing that someone has ever done was when a big earthquake was predicted and I was so nervous and my h

Stay in this Valentine’s Day – Keep it Special and Save Some Cash

Valentine’s Day in 2011 is on a Monday, so a lot of us won’t exactly be rushing out to hit the town, stay out late and be a mess Tuesday morning. To combat the post-Valentine fatigue you could move the ‘holiday’… or you could just take it easy. Staying in on a pretty traditional night out doesn’t need to be a cop out. Borrow some of these tips to have a great holiday on a budget. Cook Something New Nothing says ‘great date’ like a great meal, so you’re going to have to pull out the big guns (