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Valentine's Day Contest: DATE NIGHT Winner

We asked  Canadians “What is the most romantic thing somebody has done for you?” for a chance to win a $75 DATE NIGHT to The Keg. Congrats to our winner Amira A.! Here’s just a few of the nearly 200 responses that caught our eye:

• “My 8 yr old little girl made me a homemade card and used her piggy bank money to treat me to mcdonalds..its was very special for me.” – Kim S.

• “The most romantic thing that someone has ever done was when a big earthquake was predicted and I was so nervous and my husband sent me flowers at work and the card read “If you feel the earth move’s only my love for you.” – Jen H.

• “Most romantic was for my birthday. My boyfriend picked me up after a rough day at work, we drove down to the beach. I got out of the car to find a trail of small boxes as I walked and opened each one, they were cupcakes spelling out HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY LOVE. He had baked and decorated them himself it was a sloppy but adorable job. I loved it and we spent 2 hours at the beach watching the sun go down.” – Jayde S.

• “My ex who did not do Valentines Day snuck in my house while i was out (he had a key) and left a dozen long stem red roses on my bed with the sweetest card telling me how loved I am ♥.” – Amira A.

• “The most romantic thing my husband does for me is kissing me goodbye each day he goes to work at 5am,says he loves me and always has my coffee waiting for me on the counter when I wake up. It’s the small things that matter to me and that’s why I’m so in love with him.” – Rosemary W.

• “My girlfriend plastered post it notes with one word on each all around my house after I went to work. When I got home I then had to put them all in a bucket and try to put the message together. After what seemed to be a very long time it was a long letter letting me know how much she loved me and to meet her for dinner at a place I love. When I got there she had asked me to marry her. Of course I said yes!” – Don F.

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What are you looking for?

What are you looking for?