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$2000 In Cash Prizes & $1 Donated To Food Banks Canada For Each Entry

The Dollars for Debt contest is back and it’s bigger and better than ever! There are $2000 in cash prizes to be won and $1 will be donated to Food Banks Canada for every person that enters and publishes the contest to their Facebook wall. We have a tool that lets you do this in 10 seconds! ENTER NOW to win money towards paying your bills! Contest closes at 12:00pm PST on November 25th, 2010 Free Sweepstakes and Contest

How To Survive The Windfall: What To Do With Found Money

At the Mogo Stop The Pain of Overspending Blog, we like to help you with your cash problems – and for the first time, this is a problem that we hope you run into all the time. def: Windfall – a piece of unexpected good fortune, typically one that involves a sum of money ** Like anything around here, a little bit of planning goes a long way. For me, the toughest part of being financially sound is the unexpected hits. But in some ways, the unexpected credits can be just as important to being savvy with your cash. While you can’t expect to routinely get unexpected money, being conscious of the possibility will leave you prepared. Types of Windfalls I know we’ve all dreamed of swan diving into our Scrooge McDuck money pits, but here are some more plausible ways of coming into cash: •       work bonus •       inheritance •       lottery winnings •       forgotten bank accounts (believe it – forgetting $100 or more in an old bank account is more common that you’d think – check it out!) What to Do With the Cash: There are many variations/plans to use found cash, but here are the two basic schools of thought. The 50/50

NEW DOLLARS FOR DEBT CONTEST: Win $500 To Pay Down Your Debt!

Do you dream of being debt free? If so… Mogo wants to help. If you’re carrying a balance on your credit card, have a payday loan or have paid a ton of money in NSF fees over the past month, then you have a chance to win $500 in Mogo’s Dollars for Debt Contest! Click here to enter! Follow the easy steps to spread the word after you enter & win another $500 in cold hard cash! The websites below feature our contest: Canada’s Sweepstakes Directory Canadian Sweepstakes and Contest Directory – free to enter contests and sweepstakes exclusively for Canadians. Sign up for the Contests for Canadians Update to enter to win prizes just for being a subscriber. FreeSweepstakes and Contest As seen on CashNet Sweepstakes GJ’s Sweepstakes Crazy – Your Source for Online Sweepstakes and Contests – Detailed listings to hundreds of free sweepstakes, contests, games, and lottos you can enter on the Web.