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CONTEST: How do you keep warm in winter?

Whether you’re still enjoying the autumn leaves or you’re already getting your snow shovel ready, there’s no doubt that summer is over in Canada. So we’re wondering, how do you keep warm when it’s cold outside? Let us know and you can win a $25 gift card to spend on hot bevvies at your fave cozy Starbucks! TO ENTER: 1. Leave a comment below telling us what you do to keep warm in the winter. (1 entry) 2. Post the following on Twitter (1 entry): RT to enter to win a $25 Starbucks gift c

Winter Car Care Savings Tips

As we wrote yesterday, winter is coming [] and it might be even fiercer than we’re used to. Canadian winters are notoriously tough on cars, so go the extra mile to make sure you can drive the extra miles. If you’re a smart spender, your car is an investment and an important part of how you live your life, get to work and have fun. Work on making small expenses a regular part of car-maintenance rather than being stuck with car-emergencies when winter hits. These follow

Get Ready For Winter To Save Some Cash

We’re desperately holding onto the last few sunny days of the season, before winter creeps in and reminds us why we’ve got so many toques in Canada. Since we’re not living in a tropical country, and the warmest part of it gets more moisture than a 6 Flags waterpark, it’s time to get ready for the season. Get smart about saving for winter and avoid spending more than you have to. Here Comes Winter! I was reading this article [