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Winter Car Care Savings Tips

As we wrote yesterday, winter is coming and it might be even fiercer than we’re used to. Canadian winters are notoriously tough on cars, so go the extra mile to make sure you can drive the extra miles.

If you’re a smart spender, your car is an investment and an important part of how you live your life, get to work and have fun. Work on making small expenses a regular part of car-maintenance rather than being stuck with car-emergencies when winter hits.

These following tips are all easy to do, and you don’t need to be a mechanic to make them happen. It takes a few minutes of effort each week to save hours and money down the road.

Quick Car Care Tips You Can Do On Your Own

•       Fluids! – cooler temperatures means you should be using thinner oils to keep your engine running at 100%. Also – below-freezing windshield washer fluid is imperative. There’s no need to make an ice rink on the hood/windows

•       Battery Power – check your battery for winter. Again, cooler temps will diminish your battery’s capacity. Be sure it’s tip-top or risk being (literally) left out in the cold.

•       Winter Tires – if you’re living in a snowy climate all-season tires just won’t cut it. If they pass a proper inspection, you can really save $$ by buying used winter tires… but be sure they’re safe to justify the savings.

•       Tire Pressure – colder temperatures will also mess with your tires. The colder it gets, the less pressure you’ll have.

•       Prepare for Emergencies**– Take a few minutes to get an emergency car kit together. Pack a blanket, sweater, flash light, boots, extra fluid and radio. You never know when emergencies will strike, but you can prepare for it!

Good luck on the road this winter and drive safe!


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