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The best dates in Toronto - what to do on a Saturday night

Bored with dinner and a show? Is bowling and brunch passé? Spruce up your dating life this spring with wildly adventurous dates that are sure to amuse the object of your adoration. Adventure dating need not be expensive, but it does require imagination, a flare for the extraordinary and occasionally, a spare pair of pants.

Circus Act

Take a fantastic flying trapeze class at the Toronto School of Circus Arts. Here, every Friday brave couples take their love to new heights with a go on the trapeze swings. Don’t worry, should the dizzying heights prove too much, rest assured that you are strapped into a safety harness and the safety net is the furthest you will fall.

Tower Walk

It’s almost that time of the year again. If you want a new perspective on the city, take a walk along the top of the iconic CN tower. I mean on the outside of the building. CN Tower’s edge walk allows participants to strap themselves into a harness and then attach themselves to a pole that runs the circumference of the building. 356m/1,168ft above the city, this 30 minute walk will really test your resolve and culminates in you leaning over the edge, hands free!

Dating Derby

The Roller Derby is one of the most outrageous ways to spend an evening in the city. Watch the Bay Street Bruisers or the Smoke City Betties duke it out for top honors in Canada’s largest flat arena. Book a seat in the bleachers or bring your own blanket picnic if you prefer to get up close and personal to all the action. Roller Derby is tons of fun for everyone; view the Derby schedule here.

Adventure dating should always be original and take a modicum of planning on the part of the date organizer. Its better if you don’t tell your partner where you are going, just asked them to dress for comfort. If you are going to do something like the Edge Walk, make sure they are not afraid of heights or your dream date will turn into a nightmare faster than you can say ‘cake walk’.

What are you looking for?

What are you looking for?