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The best pasta deal in Vancouver: Quattro

Are you ready for some pasta, Vancouver? Whether you’re carbo-loading for a big race, or because it’s cold out and you just need some warm food with a glass of red win, Quattro is a great option for budget-conscious eaters in Van-city.

When you scan the menu at Quattro on 4th, you might notice some expensive items and wonder what kind of ‘budget’ I’m talking about… BUT if you hit this Italian eatery on any Monday or Tuesday, their entire pasta list is only $10 each.

That’s right – for the price of a ‘select’ footlong sandwich at Subway, you can dine in a really cool spot and have high-end food. Just remember to arrive early and to put the napkin on your lap (not tucked into your shirt collar).

The menu:

$10 Pasta Menu

Join every Monday and Tuesday for $10 Pasta Night at Q4 in Kitsilano. Ten different pasta for $10.

Spaghetti Quattro
For Italians only

Fettuccine Ghiottone
Fettuccine with minced chicken, in a brandy cream

Penne Arrabiata
Penne with pancetta and mushrooms, in a spicy pomodoro ragu

Spaghetti Bolognese
Spaghetti with minced beef, veal and pork in a red wine, tomato ragu, finished with shaved parmigiano

Fettuccine Mescolati
Fettuccine with wild mushrooms, minced chicken and pancetta, in a rosato

Fusilli con Rucola
Handmade fusilli with shaved beef tenderloin, arugula, fresh tomatoes and parmigiano reggiano

Penne Vegetariano
Penne with onions, fresh tomatoes, butternut squash and kale, in a rosato

Linguine Frutti di Mare
Linguine with fresh fish of the day, in a dill cream

Fusilli Salsicce
Handmade fusilli with chorizo sausage and wild mushrooms, in a pesto cream

Linguine Puttanesca
Linguine with finely minced capers, olives and anchovies, tossed with fresh tomatoes and onions, in light tomato sauce

Any of those are only $10… the Fusilli con Rucola is flat-out amazing. Try it out and tell them, “Mogo sent me”.

Image via 10Best

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What are you looking for?