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The new, superfast microchip: Why We Should Care

These days, tech news stories are a dime a dozen and it’s easy to stop thinking that amazing technological advancements are anything to sneeze about. I admit I’m just as ho-hum about most of these stories when I see them (with the exception of Apple products…I know, I know). But this recent CTV News story about the new super-fast microchip stopped me.

Faster computers, who cares, right? Wrong. Because this is not just about your home computer being faster, it’s about quantum engineering. I admit I don’t really fully understand quantum mechanics, or really quantum anything (except maybe Quantum Leap…great show! Bad joke!), but if this super-fast chip performs as well as scientists think it could solve equations at a rate so fast that it might actually be able to reach semi-sentient status.

They think, too, that the chip might be able to handle formulas in such a way that it would, essentially, be able to invent things: pharmaceuticals or machinery. Seriously. Think about what that means! We might be able to cure cancer…with a microchip. That’s crazy.

Sure, your iPhone can tell you what poisin ivy looks like…but can it cure cancer? I didn’t think so. Big deal, guys. Big deal.

image via CTVNews

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What are you looking for?