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The Three Best Gifts for Father’s Day

With Father’s Day just around the corner, I got to thinking about fun, but not too expensive, ways to gift-give to my stepdad (my biodad passed away in 2004). Since we live quite a distance from one another (14 hours by car…yikes!) I plan on taking full advantage of the internet to get him something awesome this year. Internet, how I love thee! Thou make it easy to not be a bad daughter!

But just going to Google and typing in “Father’s Day something awesome” doesn’t really get you anything that specific. That’s why I dug a little deeper, and here are three awesome dad things I found online for this Jour du Dad. My stepdad’s an outdoors-ish guy who loves a good beer and happens to love hockey so I definitely had these things in mind on my search. Your dad list may differ slightly, but here’s a place to start.

  1. Canadian Beer Club

The only North-of-the-49th specific online beer club, this is a monthly club in which your pops gets to try a bunch of different beer flavours from countries across the globe. While not terribly cheap (it’s $29.99/month) this struck me as something cool and unique that most kids wouldn’t think of. Plus, if my sister and step-siblings split the cost, it gets a lot cheaper quickly—if I can convince them, that is.

  1. Personalized Outdoor Gear

It’s easy enough to buy dad outdoor gear for a given occasion, but what’s cooler than personalized stuff? Not only will dad want to show it off, it’ll be harder for him to lose it after a long afternoon of “fishing” (ie: drinking the beer club beer you bought him…). My favourite of these is the personalized chair/camping cooler, seen here, that provides both a cool spot for dad to store his drinks and a chair for him to sit on the riverbank in at the same time. Sure, it’s $40, but it’s your dad! Come on!

  1. Hockey Night in Canada, Homemade Style

My stepdad is a Canucks fan, poor guy, but he lives pretty far from game action. I’ve also been trying to get him and my mom to come visit Vancouver for years. I found a Canucks e-card online and wrote a message promising 3 future seats to a game. This is a subtle way to put on the visiting pressure, but also a way to say “Hey, whenever you get here, we’ll see some hockey.” And it doesn’t cost me anything…at least for now!

What are you getting your dad for Father’s Day? Let us know in the comments.

Image via skatoolaki

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What are you looking for?