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Top 10 Do It Yourself Tips From Dad!

Last week we asked our fans on Facebook to share the best “do it yourself” tip their Dad had taught them. We got over 70 great tips! Here are just 10 of them that we thought would save you money and time!

1. “My Dad taught me that if you coat any tool with WD-40 before using it,  it wont become covered in grease,  dirt etc…”

2. “My father taught me to measure twice and cut once.”

3. “My dad taught me the easy way to clean up your dirty paint brushes is not to clean them at all,  but to wrap them in plastic and put them in the freezer. Of course this only works if you want to reuse them with the same paint,  unless you want to end up with some funky color mix!”

4. “My dad told me if you can buy the part you can probably fix it yourself and if you can’t well it was already broken so call someone that knows what they are doin!”

5. “My dad always told me to never give up and if you start something to finish it!”

6. “My dad taught me always to clean up one mess before creating another. That way you don’t have a dozen projects going at one time.”

7. “The best “do-it-yourself” tip my Dad gave me was to buy a cordless drill/screwdriver kit. He always said that a girl could do or put together anything and that the cordless tool would ensure that everything was nice and tight!”

8. “My dad taught me the most important lesson in “do it yourself” projects. It is patience. Haste makes waste.”

9. “Dad taught me to never put your thumb down when you are hammering.”

10. “From when I was a little girl until being all grown he showed me all the ropes on cars. He always did his own DIY under the hood if he could and I was always there helping him.”

Do you have a “do it yourself” tip Dad taught you that you still use today? Let us know by leave a comment below. Happy Father’s Day Canada!


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