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You Could Save $201 Every Month With the MogoCard

Get that bread. đź’¸

If you’re waiting for a sign to order your free Mogo Visa* Platinum Prepaid Card, this is it.

The health of our planet and the health of our finances are linked. We can’t responsibly build wealth without considering how our behaviours impact the climate.

The MogoCard can help you save money and the planet with every transaction. Every time you tap, we plant a tree for you—for free. You could become climate positive simply by using your MogoCard 10x a month for everyday purchases, and together, we could even make Canada climate positive.1

But the card could also help you save some serious cash.

This spend control is so powerful, in fact, that in a recent Mogo survey some MogoCard users reported saving an average of $201 per month.2

How? It’s simple: the MogoCard can help encourage better spending habits.

Straight Up Savings with MogoCard

The MogoCard is designed to help you control your spending.

Without good personal financial management, all the card rewards in the world won’t matter.

That means some MogoCard users are saving $201 every month themselves, simply by tapping their shiny red card. No tricks or gimmicks involved—just good old fashioned responsibility.

We believe that in many cases, building wealth comes down to two central tenets: investing for the long term and controlling your spending. The MogoCard is designed to facilitate the latter.

The MogoCard is a free prepaid card, not a credit card, which means you can’t go into debt while using it—so say goodbye to accidentally spending your way into overdraft.

The MogoCard is also connected to our handy Mogo app, which notifies you after every purchase with two critical details: how much you just spent, and your remaining account balance.

This combination of info does two things. First, it reminds you that yes, that small oat milk latte did truly cost $5. Second, it tells you how much you’ve got left for the rest of this spending period. Spoiler: it’s almost always a little less than you think.

Having this visibility increases one’s own sense of accountability. It’s harder to overspend when you’re acutely aware of your own budget, and how well you’re sticking to it.

Then, next time you’re sucked into the orbit of a Starbucks, you can easily check yourself before you wreck yourself, one latte at a time.

Upgrade Your Spend Control

Moving your spending budget to the Mogocard retains a credit card-style ease of use - Without the debt.

Credit card debt is a huge problem for Canadians.

On the surface, we know this is an obvious statement. Carrying debt costs you. Interest rates compound, minimum payments aren’t enough to efficiently ditch your debt, and soon you may have paid hundreds—or thousands—in interest and fees.

But while we can’t exactly get rid of our credit cards altogether (they help build our credit scores, after all!), you can still switch to the next best thing. Moving your spending budget to the MogoCard retains that credit card-stye ease of use—without the debt.

Use it to shop online, manage your spending, and keep an eye on your budget with ease. You get the best of both worlds by controlling your spending, avoiding debt, and getting on the path to building wealth with every purchase.

In fact, in that same recent Mogo survey, 91% of MogoCard users specifically noted that the card gave them better spending control. It’s the tool designed to help you build wealth faster. It’s simply the best card for the job.

Order Your Free MogoCard Today

Every tap of your MogoCard allows us to plant a tree, for you, for free!

The secret to building personal wealth is all about developing strong financial habits. We can’t do that for you (though you know we would if we could). But we can help equip Canadians with the tools that can help them succeed.

This is why your MogoCard comes with more than just spend control benefits. It also gets you access to free credit score monitoring to help you keep an eye on and hopefully build up your score. We track your credit score every month using soft inquiries and report any changes back via the in-app interface.3

We’ve also just launched Code Red Mode, a new initiative that makes it easy and free for you to plant a tree every single time you use your MogoCard. Yep, every single tap means you plant one tree for free. Canada’s current goal is to become carbon neutral by 2050—but we’re trying to do one better. Through the MogoCard, we’re trying to make Canada climate positive decades ahead of schedule.

With the MogoCard, you’ll also have access to MogoProtect, our free identity fraud protection service.4 We monitor your credit file at Equifax daily for any hard inquiries, and if we find one, we notify you. Hard inquiries can be an early sign of identity fraud, as bad guys may try to open credit cards or loans under your name. If you recognize the inquiry, no biggie—but if you don’t, we’ll guide you through the steps that can help stop the bad guys in their tracks.

The MogoCard is the real deal. It’s good for your wallet and could help heal our planet.

Join team Mogo today by ordering your free MogoCard and start spending like you mean it.


*Trademark of Visa International Service Association and used under licence by Peoples Trust Company. Mogo Visa Platinum Prepaid Card is issued by Peoples Trust Company pursuant to licence by Visa Int. and is subject to Terms and Conditions, visit for full details. Your MogoCard balance is not insured by the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation (CDIC). MogoCard means the Mogo Visa Platinum Prepaid Card.

1-An average Canadian emits approximately 42,000 lbs of CO2 in one year. Each tree will absorb approximately 500lbs of CO2 over its lifetime (approximately 25 years). For every purchase made with the MogoCard, a tree will be planted. If you used your MogoCard for 10 purchases each month, 10 trees would be planted. If 10 trees were planted every month for a year, that would be 120 trees, and those 120 trees would absorb a combined total of 60,000 lbs of CO2 over their lifetimes (25 years), making the average Canadian climate positive. For more information on these statistics, see:

2- Based on an online survey of active MogoCard users by Mogo Inc. conducted between July 13, 2021 and July 16, 2021, with 1,446 respondents to a combination of multiple choice and fillable text box questions. 91% of respondents agreed that the MogoCard can help them better control their spending. 66.5% of respondents reported that they were spending less on discretionary spending now that they were using the MogoCard, with respondents reporting that they believed to have an average savings of $201 per month (based on 902 respondents who specified an amount and excluding 60 respondents who did not specify any amount)

3-Free credit score is provided by Equifax and is only available to MogoAccount holders that have passed identity verification. The Equifax credit score is based on Equifax’s proprietary model and may not be the same score used by third parties to assess your creditworthiness. The provision of this score to you is intended for your own educational use. Third parties will take into consideration other information in addition to a credit score when evaluating your creditworthiness. Equifax® is a registered trademark of Equifax Canada Co., used here under license.

4-No one can prevent all identity fraud and Mogo does not monitor all transactions at all businesses. Currently, Mogo only monitors hard inquiries into the Equifax® Canada Co. credit bureau and will provide push and/or email notifications within 24 hours of the inquiry being reported. Refer to the MogoAccount Terms & Conditions for more information . MogoCard holders will be entitled to receive free MogoProtect identity fraud protection and credit score monitoring so long as they remain active MogoCard holders. If you do not fund your card within 60 days of ordering or make a transaction on your MogoCard for more than 90 days, then you will not be considered “active” and will be opted out of MogoProtect and credit score.

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What are you looking for?