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10 Easy Ways To Relax For Less Than $20

We asked the Mogo Savings Community how they relax for less than $20 for  chance to win a spa retreat. We randomly selected Nancy C. Laurence as the winner of a $150 gift certificate to a local spa. Below are just 10 of 130+ responses we got on how people relieve their stress!

1. “2 words KIT KAT all i do is buy myself a jumbo sized kit kat bar and sit back and give myself a break.” – Robbie A.

2. “I relax by sitting on the riverbank with my fishing rod and a six- pack. A fishing trip for exactly $12.40!” – Serena D.

3. “Go to the beach with my air mattress and read a book on the lake.” – Sandra S.

4. “For under $20 , I can rent a movie, buy a bottle of wine and light 10 candles, and have a good night.” – Patty G.

5. “One word….hammock!” – Leo S.

6. “I put $20.00 in my gas tank and take a drive out into the country!” – Andrea W.

7. “Turn off the tv and computer, put on some good music and just breathe…” – Tracey N.

8. “Lay back with a good book and some smooth jazz in the background.” – Dave D.

9. “I go to starbucks and get a coffee and take it to a park and just relax.” – Tracy C.

10. “I watch NFL all day on Sundays. As stressful as it is, it’s also very relaxing.’ Jeremy S.

What do you do to relax for less than $20? Sit back, relax and  leave us a comment below!


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What are you looking for?