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Decorating On A Dime: 4 Simple Tips

What should you do when you want to have a beautiful home, but you don’t have a designer budget? Use these four simple tips from the pros to give your home a makeover without breaking the bank.

1)     Raid Your Garage – We all have boxes of “stuff” stashed in our house. Wedding and Christmas gifts, decorations you no longer use, etc. The funny thing is, most people’s tastes change over time. Things that you might not have liked four or five years ago may be exactly what you are looking for today. Start unpacking those old boxes and see what you can do with them. Photo collages for your wall? Your grandmother’s old vase? Where will your creativity take you?

2)     De-clutter - While you are going through those old boxes, and re-doing your rooms, don’t simply store things you don’t want. Get rid of them or donate them. Having too many things in your house is a decorator’s nightmare. When it comes to interior decorating, less really is more. If you want some help with the De-cluttering process you can check out this free method.

3)     Color Coordinate – Go room by room and pick out items that are the same color. Then, choose one room for all your blue items, your green or yellow items, etc. Move the like colored items into a single room. This really brings the room together and doesn’t cost a dime. If you really want to add a decorator’s touch, learn a little about the designer’s color wheel here.

4)     Shop Secondhand – If you are missing a few essential pieces, don’t be afraid to buy them second hand at thrift stores or garage sales. You’ll be surprised how well things clean up and how little they cost when you dare to buy used. Just know what you’re going for first so you don’t fall into the trap of buying someone else’s junk and turning it into your own (read our article on  the Yard Sale Trap).

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What are you looking for?

What are you looking for?