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10 Ways To Tweet Towards Savings!

What if I told you that Twitter could save you money?  If you’re not already tweeting I suggest creating an account and trying it out for a week! This will give you the ability to form your own opinion about how valuable Twitter can be. To me Twitter is an easy to read newspaper filled with lots of information.  It gives you real-time updates and best of all it’s free. I’ve have found it to be a money saver rather then a timewaster. Here are 10 ways to tweet towards savings.

1. Finding a Job – If you are new to Twitter then log on and find some local area publications for employment. Some examples are, or You will find there are many twitter users in your local area just by searching for tweets by city. You will find out what is out there. I have found at least 10 employment hub tweets in a 200 km radius. You can follow the companies that interest you as future employers. Find out what they are saying and what is being said about them. I just noticed that is advertising for a Visual Manager and is offering new interactive industry jobs. This just goes to show you that you never know when that company might post your dream job.

2. Happy Hours – Restaurant specials posted everyday on pages like that announced there was a Martini Mondays at a local restaurant.  You can find out what days are serving your favorite dish for half off. The best is you might not have known that a restaurant right around the corner offered happy hour drink specials. You might meet a future co worker or friend by deciding to take them up on their tweet. Nightlife places frequently advertise for free entrances, free drinks or specials.

3. Savings – You could just see a company advertise something on special from a tweet or redirect you to the site. More times than none you will find a deal that wouldn’t of crossed your path any other way. Presales for tickets or events are something I have found fantastic about Twitter.  You can now get those tickets ahead of time at a better price then right before a show.  Twitter offers its own search engine that you can visit on  This allows you to search by topic and shows you all the tweets in that area. Another way is to search for popular hashtags like #sale, #save, #bargain or #coupon. You can follow people that tweet deals like

4. Warnings – Scams happen everywhere but in this era the public finds out quickly. Scam warning tweets are sent by victims, consumer groups or police agencies:

5. Advertising – If you are a business owner then you can use Twitter as a marketing channel. You can view find out the actual tweets per second.  The number is unbelievable. It will show you that you can easily promote your business by tweeting about your promotions, offers and news. Get some great Twitter advertising tips here:

6. Seminars – You can find out about local seminars like credit seminars that offer information about your credit score, mortgages and personal finance that can save you money.

7. Headlines – These tweets are basically free newspaper headlines. lets you stay on top of the latest news events from around the world. Everybody has a second to scroll through these tweets especially with it being available on mobile phones.

8. Tips - You can get tips in almost an area by following the right people.  Twitter allows you to search within subject areas so you find your local favorites. You will see the Twitter sign on most websites so remember to follow them for the latest deals. talks about food safey , offers tips to keep your pets cool and speaks about the lastest in Canadian beer. If you cannot decide who to follow then log onto to view the most influential people by tweets or in a particular subject.

9. Enter to win – I noticed tonight writing this article that a local company promoting an event coming up this weekend where you could enter a draw to win $1000 for coming. You wouldn’t have known to enter without Twitter. I noticed that offered to win a free rafting trip, offered free 2 for one tickets and said that if you visited you could win a great prize.

10. Networking – Find out what  Twitter pages others in your industry are following. Find out what they are doing different.  There are so many Twitter pages related to your profession to discover! Reading a tweet could send you to a referring site of other team members or competitor blogs. This is where you could learn new information to share with clients which always puts a smile on their face. Examples include which gives updates on every imaginable stat, asks people to join them for an open discussion on bettering the world and uses their page to announce monthly meetings.

A Mogo Original By: Courtney Hamlett


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