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Adulting 101 in the 6

Toronto. Home of the Blue Jays (sorry guys, good run tho), Drizzy, and… our latest Adulting 101 event. Let’s just say it was pretty epic.

Adulting 101 at the Gladstone Hotel

Mogo x Gladstone

Along with our Toronto MogoMembers, our buds Kastor & Pollux, Alyssa from Random Acts of Pastel, and Mr. Cavaliere came to chill with us at the Gladstone, a boutique hotel dressed in gorgeous Victorian architecture that will get you hooked on art.

Our Financial Fitness Coach, Chantel, went through some fun tips to make your bank account happy, and Dave (our favourite sommelier from the Vancouver Urban Winery) taught us all a little about grapes and how to pick a good vino.

BTW, this has to be one of our favourite IG captions that we saw on the event’s photos—thanks, @Hannahejo.

“Sitting down to drink some wine and learn about financial responsibility, because being broke isn't cute.”


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What are you looking for?