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Secret to happiness

You may be surprised to find out about what really drives happiness.

Did you know that according to some of the leading experts on happiness, that as much as 80% of our personal happiness comes from meaningful relationships with friends and family?  Did you also know that psychologists have proven that much of what we spend our money on is because we think it will make us happy, yet the facts are it won’t.

Big Mistake


Although initially those new shoes or that new TV does make us feel a little happier, that quickly fades and we end up going right back to the same happiness level we were already at.  And if it’s money we can’t afford to spend, then we’ll actually end up worse than when we started, as debt and money troubles is one of the biggest drivers of stress and unhappiness.


Spend less. do more

It’s as simple as that.  One of the keys to happiness is to focus on things we can do with our family and friends and less about things to spend money on.  Now we know that’s easier said than done when there’s something that we really want, so we’ve tried to come up with something to help us stay on track.

The next time you’re about to spend your hard earned money, keep this in mind:


What are you looking for?

What are you looking for?